Saturday, September 04, 2010

Waterton Sept 10

We drove to Waterton today. Wow, big mistake! Apparently the long weekend in September is not the best time for a visit. I have never seen the townsite so busy. Actually, it wasn't just the townsite - all of the trailheads and roads were incredibly busy as well.

Despite that, we did the Cameron Lake walk, and had lunch at the golf course. We drove through the townsite but didn't (couldn't!) stop. From there we went to check out the Mexican place in Twin Butte, then at the Adventure Store in Pincher Creek. Maurice got a new jacket, as did John. I got a nice cycling top, and a shirt with pronghorns on it! Pauline didn't get anything, although she did get a nice fleecy jacket at Nevada Bob's yesterday.

On Carly's advice we also stopped in at the Curious Bird to see what they had, in addition to water buffalo mozzarella. It turns out they have some really nice things - pottery, great artwork & photography, and more. I'll definitely go back. There is a large picture of a mountain goat that I quite like!

There are little fish in these 2 pictures. Look closely!

No idea about the pants, but I couldn't resist a picture.

There is a bear in these 2. Really, there is. I promise. Apparently I need to get a better telephoto lens!

Dog in a life jacket

The cutest little thing - so shy. She's a minpin/chihuahua cross. Really, really beautiful little dog.

We decided to eat at the golf course, thankfully. It was much quieter than the townsite. I hadn't been there before so I took some pictures of the course and the view.


Baby deer pooing! The picture is grainy because it was too dark. Lightening it up caused the decrease in clarity. It was too cute not to post though.

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