Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Night Painting, part 2

Ok, so here are the actual light painting shots. They may look quite similar, sorry! I suspect the experts that were there did a better job than I, but all in all, I learned something, and had a lot of fun. I start the advanced photography lessons on Wednesday, so hopefully I can keep learning what the heck to do with my camera. Especially now that I have a tripod and a cable release!

Here is Wendy setting up.

Meet our first model for the evening:

Still too light for the proper effect

I like these ones best, because it was a bit darker. It wasn't until I downloaded the photos that I realised I had big bright light right in the middle of the frame.  Oops!

There's something about this one I really like. It's a bit spooky or something.

I threw this one in not because it's a good picture, but to show how different flashlights create very different effects. The one above used a "regular" flashlight, and the one below used a white light running/cycling headlamp. Definitely not the right light for the job.

I kind of like the windmill pictures.

I need to crop this so that the RV isn't in the shot.

Stay tuned for some pictures from my class. Starts tonight!

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  1. Cool! I am really hoping they show some at the meeting tomorrow night from the people who knew what they were doing! I'll let you know.