Sunday, October 22, 2006

Scenery 2

Here are more pictures from our drive this morning.

Popson Park, Scenery 1

A few minutes away from us is Popson Park, an off-leash area for dogs. It's not your typical park though, and you have to watch for rattlesnakes at some times of the year. There is a den there, and at some times the rattlers will be quite active. Actually, just after we arrived here, someone was bitten in her backyard, doing some gardening. She lived in the neighbourhood we had orginially considered moving into. We're glad we ended up in RiverStone! Some of these pictures are from Popson, some are from our neighbourhood.

In a couple of the pictures if you look closely you can see the mountains in the background. You might have to enlarge the picture to see them though.

Molly Sheriff, Proud Poodle

Here are some shots of Molly on our various walks around the neighbourhood. She likes to track stuff, although I have no idea if she knows what she's doing. She barked at the deer in the pictures above. They were really close.

We also found a dogwalker for Molly. She'll never replace Rich, but at least we know we have someone in town to take her for walks when we're working. When her hips are better she'll start going out on group walks, so she can play with dogs again.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


OK, I didn't get pictures posted on Sunday, but Tuesday isn't too bad. The party went well, although we were highly disorganised. People seemed to enjoy themselves nonetheless. We'll have to do a better job next time, that's for sure. We might try it again at Christmas.

I've attached a bunch of pictures of the house & neighbourhood so you can see what things look like. Hopefully it's obvious what things are! The pictures of the water are of the park across the street from us. It's a great place to walk the dog. Actually, we have a lot of greats walks around us, which is one of the things we really like about RiverStone.

House Exterior

The House

Here are some interior pictures of the house.

House Detail

Here are some detailed pictures of things we've bought for the house. There is the table in the front hall, the bar that matches the dining room table & chairs, a light we bought, the dining room light we just put up, and some of the pictures we have.