Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Tail!

Molly was groomed on Friday. I commented that they could leave her tail a little more pom-like, as last time it looked like a sausage (or a pogo, according to John!). Well, they left a HUGE pom on it! I'm not sure it can even be called a pom, actually. Look how scrawny she is though. We'd let the dog eat as much as she wants, but she won't! She's just not that interested in food. Fortunately, her weight is remaining fairly stable.

Departure Day

The Sheriffs left on Wednesday. We were sad to see them go. We had a great time. The whole summer was great, actually. Between my visit to Toronto and our multiple visitors here, we had a ton of fun. The Sheriffs did so much around the house too. Maurice worked all the time it seems, doing all the chores we had collected up, and more! Pauline always made sure the kitchen was clean and the floors were washed. Having said that, we'll miss them for more than just that! The one down side to living in Alberta is not seeing friends and family as much as we'd like. I've heard a rumour that Cathy, Steve, Rachel & Natalie are planning to visit next summer, so that should be fun too.

Thanks again Pauline & Maurice for all you did while you were. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

Frank Slide

Our trip to Frank Slide was great. It's a really cool place. They just renovated, and the Interpretive Centre is really well done. But it's not until you start walking through the slide area that you realise just how big the slide really was. There are some HUGE rocks, and they are so far from the former top of the mountain. So now you are going to see lots of pictures of rocks!