Saturday, November 18, 2006

New Furniture

Here are some pictures of our new furniture. It's in the "reading room" at the front of the house. I still need a table or corner unit of some kind in there, but I'm still looking around.
It's a fairly small room, and we have the china cabinet in there too, so we decided we needed only a couple of pieces of furniture in it.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Coulee Walk 1

While I was away John & Molly went exploring, and found a new walk near us. It takes us down into the coulee. We can't get right to the river bottom, but we can get close. There are some other trails around though, so we'll try some of those to see if we can reach the river another way. Molly really enjoyed this walk, as there is so much to smell. We even stumbled on 2 deer (and lots of deer poo!). She also has to be careful of the cacti, as they are common on the trail. The only problem is, she gets really tired, particularly going uphill. She's currently fast asleep on her cushion. I think she may spend the day there.

Coulee Walk 2

The Old House

Well, that's it for the house on Elm Road, as seen in the picture on the left. This is all that was left on Oct 30. Apparently the new house is already going up. It's always so sad to see the old houses come down, and it's worse when it's your own house.

Trip to Toronto

I was in Toronto for the weekend of Oct 28. Kathleen & Mark had asked us to be Zachary's godparents, so I went home for the ceremony. It was great to see everyone again. Unfortunately it wasn't enough time to see everyone, but we'll have more time for visiting next trip home.

Here are some pictures of the baptism, plus one of Zachary when Kathleen & I were out shopping. Kathleen & Mark also put on a great lunch after the service, so there are some pictures of that too.

Our broker, nice man that he is, gave me some little Adidas running shoes for Zachary. They were so cute I had to take some pictures of them.