Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photo Shoot in Chinatown

To give us a chance to try some different shots we went to Chinatown last night. Note that Chinatown in Lethbridge consists of about 4 buildings! It was fun nevertheless. Here are the results of the evening.


For class this week, we had to try High and Low Key shots. Here are my efforts.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Night Painting, part 2

Ok, so here are the actual light painting shots. They may look quite similar, sorry! I suspect the experts that were there did a better job than I, but all in all, I learned something, and had a lot of fun. I start the advanced photography lessons on Wednesday, so hopefully I can keep learning what the heck to do with my camera. Especially now that I have a tripod and a cable release!

Here is Wendy setting up.

Meet our first model for the evening:

Still too light for the proper effect

I like these ones best, because it was a bit darker. It wasn't until I downloaded the photos that I realised I had big bright light right in the middle of the frame.  Oops!

There's something about this one I really like. It's a bit spooky or something.

I threw this one in not because it's a good picture, but to show how different flashlights create very different effects. The one above used a "regular" flashlight, and the one below used a white light running/cycling headlamp. Definitely not the right light for the job.

I kind of like the windmill pictures.

I need to crop this so that the RV isn't in the shot.

Stay tuned for some pictures from my class. Starts tonight!