Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Failure!

I tried again to complete a century today, but failed again. This time I rode 93 miles, then got another flat. I started to try to repair it, but I couldn't get the little screw on the valve off. Now, in my defence, neither could John when he came to pick me up. I couldn't believe I got so close, but wasn't able to finish it. Now I have to try AGAIN! What a nightmare. I'm running out of time to get it done.

FYI, it took me 5 hrs 57 minutes to ride 93 miles.

As usual I took a bunch of pictures along the way, so I might as well post them.

Chief Mountain in the distance.
Many cows
Pivot irrigator

Pivot irrigator in action. They are fully computerized.

My first town outside Lethbridge. It was a horrible ride to get there.

My second town, and first pit stop.
Some boys I chatted with. They were really interested in my bike.
Next town, Stirling
Stirling doesn't seem to have a city sign, but it does have some neat historical buildings, so I took a picture of those instead.

Prairie scenery

Half way!
Coaldale, next stop

The bridge that goes across the coulee. Wind gusts, really?!

I liked the clouds
Self portrait of a tired rider
I was heading to Iron Springs, but I liked the sign for Turin
Getting closer to Lethbridge
3/4 of the way
Next pit stop, Picture Butte

Time stopped due to flat. Hence, another incomplete century
The flat
One tired, dejected rider

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bird & Weather

The sunrise this morning was quite spectacular. There was a strong smell of smoke in the air, so I don't know if that might have affected the colour.

Later on the in afternoon, some bad weather rolled in again. The wind started gusting to 93km/hr, so John had to pick me up from work. The sky was black as night, but it really didn't do much. There is still a storm & wind warning in effect though, so we might still see some bad weather.

As the storm came through, when you looked west as in the picture below, the sky was clear & blue.

Looking east though, it was still really black and cloudy. In one of the pictures you can sort of see a rainbow over a house.
The water in the LNID was blowing the wrong way, which is usually a sign of bad weather.
It's also quite full of algae this summer.

This little bird was in the willow in our backyard, and I thought he was cute enough for pictures.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cycling Tan

People keep laughing at my cycling tan lines. It's worst on my left hand, because I wear a glove, a GPS unit, and an ID bracelet, so my wrist gets no sun at all when I'm riding. If you look closely at my fingers, you can see the lines where the fingerless gloves stop, and the rest of fingers actually get sun. I had a little burn on the knuckles of my left yesterday.

I didn't wear gloves when I started riding, because with a recumbent bike, you don't have as much pressure on your palms as on an upright bike. After I had the accident I decided to wear gloves though, as at least it is some protection from the asphalt in a fall.