Friday, August 15, 2008

Failed Century

I tried to ride my first century today (100 miles), but wasn't able to finish. Unfortunately, at mile 65, I got a flat. I had a tube with me, but no pump, so I couldn't change the tire. John came out to pick me up. It's a shame because there was practically no wind, which rarely happens. I hope to try again before the end of August.

Time check in Picture Butte. Note that the distance is in miles.


Lethbridge is in the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District (LNID), and the LNID runs through our neighbourhood. I crossed out of that and into the SMRID, St. Mary's River Irrigation District.
Time check in Coaldale, at mile 46. Theo Tams of Canadian Idol fame is from Coaldale, so they are very excited by his continued success in the contest.
It was about 10kms after hitting Stirling that I flatted. I think I would have completed the 100 miles if I hadn't had a mechanical. Maybe next Sat I can try again.

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