Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big Wheels

No More Tree

We had a willow tree right in the centre of our back yard. It was always in an awkward spot, so that bothered me. For the past few years the tree has had an infection that we were treating, but with the puppy, I wouldn't spray it. It finally was being attacked by so many different bugs that we had no choice but to take it down. It was completely infested. I feel bad because I love trees and hate to remove them, but we just didn't have much choice. So we had to say goodbye to the tree.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Hairdo!!

Paisley got her first hairdo and she looks so cute! I love the new look, although it highlights how scrawny she is.

Weeds can be Beautiful

More Paisley

Bath Time!

Who's a soggy dog?

More Zack!

Another play date withy Zack, this time in his yard.

New Friends

Stiletto (a Weimaraner pup) and Catch (a Sheltie pup) came over to play. Poor Catch was being bowled over by the girls so he had to retire. They had a lot of fun though, I think. They were fun to watch.