Monday, July 26, 2010

Hawaii Pictures!

I took about 700 pictures when I was in Hawaii. I decided it was a better idea to create a separate blog for them since there are so many. I pruned them back for posting, but there better ones are up. I love Hawaii, and highly recommend that everyone go at some point!

If you want to see them, go to this link:

More on Molly

A while ago on Facebook you were supposed to write up "25 things about...". I did one for Molly way back then, and just reread it the other day. It made us laugh, so I decided to share it. I think it is pretty accurate, actually.

25 Things About Molly Sheriff

1.     I am bossy.
2.     I often “toot” my way up the stairs.
3.     I am capable of giving people the “dirty eye”. Those who have been on the receiving end know what this means.
4.     I hate black dogs, and always have. I always will.
5.     I love mint, especially Misty Mints. I have been known to dig through knapsacks and damage Palms in order to access minty gum.
6.     I have had several things stuck to my paws. Examples include but are not limited to:  a pistachio shell which fit perfectly over a pad, and a butterscotch candy, which I continued to lick even while it was stuck.
7.     I cannot gain weight.
8.     When Vikki was here, I stole her bones and ran downstairs with them, because she was afraid to come down.
9.     I am afraid of toasters, fireworks, cap guns, and road hockey.
10   I am afraid of bunnies, although I will stalk them. I expect them to run before I get near.
11   I am a standard poodle. I was bred to retrieve from the water. However, I hate water, and am not much for retrieving.
12   When I was young I loved dogs and didn’t like people. Now that I am old, I don’t like dogs and love people. I am offended if people I see on the street do not pat me.
13   The neighbourhood children love me, run to see me, and give me pats. That is how it should be.
14   I have fallen off beds on more than one occasion, and have been trapped under a bed once, requiring John to lift it off me.
15   I once found a very small dog toy on the street during a walk. I carried it home, and still have it.
16   On one occasion I fought a dog in the dog park in Toronto. I was actually winning, had him pinned and was going for his throat by the time Rich pulled me off him. I hated that dog.
17   I once had a dog of my own, called Avro. Only I was allowed to play with him in the park. If Rich dropped his leash, I would pick it up and walk him. I am very responsible about these things.
18   I ran away from my dog walker in Toronto twice. It wasn’t fun, and I don’t recommend it to others. My pads were bleeding by the time I was found. I couldn’t help it though. It thundered, and I bolted in fear.
19   I call doggy day care Torture Camp, even though I secretly like hanging out with the people there. I could do without the dogs though.
20   I once kept Constance up for 3 days straight. Of course, I was dying at the time, so it only seems fair.
21   Although I don’t like to admit it, I like playing with the puppies that we foster. I just wish they wouldn’t bite me so much.
22   I have possibly the worst dog breath on the planet. I think it’s because I’m rotting from the inside out. Not really my fault.
23   I love to chase chipmunks. I once launched myself through a screened porch, dropped 3 feet to the ground, and without a moment’s hesitation, chased it into the woods.
24   I love cats, and would like to take Chewy home with me.
25   I like people and dogs to think I’m tough, but deep down I’m a Nervous Nelly.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Missing Molly

I can't believe we've been without Molly for 3 weeks. I can't begin to tell you how much we miss her. I don't know if non-dog people will understand how we feel, but those of you who are will. There is a huge emptiness in our lives. We frequently forget that she's gone, and then when we're reminded it's devastating. For example, we were driving home from visiting with friends last night and I was happy to think about getting home, letting her out of her crate, watching her tear around the yard, getting lots of pats from us. Then I remembered that wasn't going to happen, and I was crushed. Even something as small as dropping a piece of cheese on the floor reminds us that she's gone. I have trouble sleeping some nights, hoping we did the right thing, and that she had a good life with us. There is always guilt - about making the final decision, wondering if we should have played with her more, walked her more, and just spent more time with her in general. She brought so much to our lives, yet I worry that we didn't give her the same in return. And I can't change that now. It's too late.

I think having Sasha here the other evening really brought it home to us. Having a dog that wasn't Molly in the house just seemed wrong, much as we liked Sasha.

I know it will get better with time, but right now, we're still struggling. She really was our "baby dog".

Monday, July 12, 2010

Coulee Walk with the Russells

On their last night in Lethbridge we all went for a walk in the coulees - after liberally applying bug spray, of course!! We saw several deer, a hare, some cacti, and more. The lighting was really pretty, as the sun was going down. It casts such nice colours and shadows on the coulees.

I have to admit though, it was pretty tough to be walking out there without the poodle. It was her favourite place to walk.

Fort Whoop Up

Here are the pictures from Fort Whoop Up.