Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Popson Park

I hadn't been to Popson for ages, partly because the road had washed out. I was out and about today, and decided to go there to see if I could get a picture for today's 365. I took a few pictures because it's just so gorgeous down there.

The Trip Home

Hopefully these ones will load in the right order!

We were very excited to see deer, elk, big horn sheep, mountain goats, and most exciting - 3 bald eagles! I love seeing eagles. Such amazing birds. Sadly, we ran into a snowstorm between Banff & Calgary that made the roads very slippery. It slowed the return trip down a lot. Fortunately John was still able to get up on Sunday to run 16 miles, and despite being exhausted, had a really good run.

Carolaine's Paisley Angel

Here is our new pup. For those of you who have been following the pictures at, we chose Kizzie. Her name is now Carolaine's Paisley Angel. We chose Paisley because it sounds cute, and the spots on her back kind of make me think of paisley. Angel we chose because Molly's real name was Special Angel. Now we have 2 angels!

I can't describe how amazing the puppies were. We've never seen such young pups before. They are all so cute and cuddly. The boys are beautiful, and so different. The 2 little girls are gorgeous. We could easily have chosen either, or both! We settled on Paisley because I cried when I held her the first time. It seemed like a good omen.

We go to visit again in a couple of weeks, then we get to bring her home at the end of April. We can't wait!