Thursday, March 10, 2011

Parti Poodle Puppies!

Our litter of pups was born this past Saturday. I was concerned we weren't going to get one, as it was a small litter of 6, with only 2 females. As it turns out, the people with first pick have decided to wait for the next litter, so we now have to choose again! We're going down sometime in March to meet the pups, and try to decide which one is ours. John is concerned about "rejecting" a puppy. I am trying to avoid thinking of it that way. I'm hoping the puppy will choose us in some way. Regardless, the other little girl will have a home, as there are many people who have expressed interest in them.

You can see pictures of the pups at the link below. The pictures will be updated weekly, usually on Monday, so we can track their progress. So cute! They have been to the vet, and declared fit and healthy so far. Gail tells me that they are gaining weight like crazy as there is so much food to go around. I'm hoping this lack of competition means the pup is laid back and relaxed since they aren't fighting for resources. I guess at this stage it's a bit hard to tell how they will turn out. The females are a little more direct about their needs than the males, but that's not surprising.

I'll keep you posted on their development, and our trip to visit them.

See the pictures here:

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