Sunday, May 11, 2008

Birthday Boys!

It was John's birthday on the 7th, and our friend Sean's birthday on the 9th, so we decided to have a party for them. We told each of them that the party was for the other one.

Nicholas did a great job of decorating the blackboard.

Sarah & Carly, helping to prepare.

The birthday boys arrive, and get their celebratory accoutrements.

John made gazpacho in cucumber cups, among many gourmet treats. Jay did his best party trick.

Sean's mother-in-law hired someone to come dressed as a wolf to give Sean a birthday present from her. It surprised everyone, let me tell you!

My kitchen is always a mess when we have people over.
Hopefully the boys enjoyed their party. It was a lot of fun.

Trip to Waterton

We went to Waterton last Saturday for a ride. Molly went to daycare for the afternoon. It was a nice ride. Lots of wildlife, including possibly an eagle. It was one big bird, that's for sure.