Saturday, September 30, 2006

More Scenery

It's funny, because the leaves on the trees just started turning colours, and most of them are now gone. The leaves here don't turn red, they turn golden yellow. Once they turn yellow though, when the wind comes up, and it has lately, they fall off right away. So it looks very fall-like here right now.

Local Scenery

We had the nicest day today. It was sunny and warm all day. We ran some errands in the morning, and had lunch at a local cafe. We bought a new lamp for the living room, and a funky light for the dining room. We don't have it up yet, but I'll take pictures of it when we do.

At night we did the "nature walk", and the deer were very close. We also drove out of the city a bit to see the sunset, and came across even more deer. I took some pictures of the scenery, so you can see what it looks like around us. It really is very beautiful.

Molly's New Hairdo

We took Molly to a groomer on Tuesday, Perfect Pooches. Her new friend Harley, a beautiful white standard just down the street, recommended them. He goes there too. He was also having his hair done on Tuesday. Being groomed together seems to have cemented their friendship, so Molly will now play with him. We're glad, because she needed a dog friend.

She did get a pink bow on her collar which John wasn't too excited about, but her neighbourhood friends seem to like it. She has decided to befriend the kids that wait for the bus near us. She walks into the group of them and demands pats. She particularly likes one boy, who we see almost every day. He is very well-spoken for his age. Molly now gives him the full "cat-rub" and nearly knocks him over. He doesn't seem to mind though.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cycling, Part 2

The top picture is the university from across the coulee that we rode through. It doesn't look steep, but believe me, it is. Even John had to walk at the top of the trail, but he does pull the trailer & dog behind him. I have no excuse! The next picture is of the coulee itself. The next one is a picture of our neighbourhood, from across the coulee. If you look closely, you can see the mountains in the background. The last one is of the Oldman River and the high level bridge.

Cycling, Part 1

I am hoping to be able to ride to work 3 days a week, so we tried the ride today to see how it is going to be. I still can't ride up the hills, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to, but walking up is still good exercise. I decided to take some pictures so you can see the landscape.

We did have our first cycling mishap today though. Molly doesn't like me to ride ahead, but I generally go faster downhill than John (not uphill though!), so I went ahead on a long downhill. Bad idea. Molly freaked out, and when John slowed down a bit, she jumped out of the trailer. John had to stop suddenly, so he couldn't unclip and fell straight over. I jumped off my bike and got Molly untangled. Fortunately she doesn't seem to be hurt, and John will have some bruises but no major damage. Hopefully she's learned a lesson. I know we have - no more having me in front!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Nature Walk

Here are some pictures of Molly's favourite walk at the end of our street. We regularly see deer, hawks, and we hear coyotes calling from the coulees at night.

The Sheriffs in Lethbridge

Hello! As a way to keep in touch with people, I've decided to create a blog. This way I can add pictures and not have to worry about filling up email inboxes. Please feel free to comment on anything, and definitely keep in touch. This isn't intended to take the place of regular forms of communication. It's really more for posting pictures.

I'll keep adding pictures. Hopefully we'll have some pics of the house soon.