Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Beautiful Poodle

We took Paisley to a new groomer for her second hairdo. She looks so good! Furry Friends did a great job. Here she is in all her glory.

She is becoming such a nice dog. This morning we let her snuggle in bed with us for a little while. She is so sweet, she alternated resting her head on John then me. We love her very much.

A Night At The Fair

A group of us went to Whoop Up Days on Friday. Whoop Up Days is a strange, strange event. I think you have to go to know what I mean, although I suspect most small-town fairs are probably similar. We started off at the Go Dog Go agility demo, which was fun to watch as always. Then we started eating - pickles, corn, beef and/or pork on a bun, elephant ears, shaved ice, and so on. Yum! I'd really have liked to try the wiggle chips, but alas, they fried other things in the oil.

Courtney won a Spider Man hammer in the hammer test, and he won me a little stuffed dog in the balloon dart contest. We had to head back to the little dog, but the others went on to ride a couple of rides, and they stayed for the concert, which I believe was Trevor Panczak.

All in all, we had a lot of fun.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Bicycle Pup!

We've been meaning to get the pup in the bike trailer since we got her, but only just got around to it today. I was cleaning it up as we hadn't used it since before Molly died. When it was all clean and set up, Paisley sniffed around it, then jumped right in. She sat for a bit, then settled in to lie down.

She was a little less settled when we were actually riding. We just went up and down the alley, then around the crescent behind us a couple of times. She did so well! She wasn't sure at first, so we had to tighten up her harness. After a few minutes she seemed to understand that everything was fine. Most of the time she lay down, and didn't move around too much, which is good for John.

All in all, I think she'll be a good bicycle dog!