Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Off Leash with Stiletto and True

Yesterday we went to the off leash park again with Julia, Stiletto, & True. Paisley isn't great about recall, so we prefer to go with people whose dogs will come back as Paisley will follow them. Stiletto is the same age but has great recall. She's been off leash since she was fully vaccinated, and it shows in her behaviour. I hope Paisley learns from her.

Paisley sure loves to be off leash though. She wants to meet every dog she see. There were a few that weren't especially friendly and chased her off, but she seemed to deal with it well. She wasn't nervous or traumatized. Poor little poodle gets so hot though. The one time when we had the most trouble getting her to come was when she was desperately trying to get to the water.

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