Sunday, July 28, 2013

More Family Photos

I asked the neighbours if we could take a few more family photos in their backyard. Their yard is amazing because they are such great gardeners. I thought we might get a few more good shots, but the poodles weren't cooperating! Here are the ones I liked. At least I have lot of photos of Darwin to remember him by when he leaves us.

Family Photos

I wanted to get some pictures of all us before Darwin & John leave. It was a bit of a challenge, but we got some good ones. I'm hoping to get a few more later today. We had to call it quits yesterday - it was pretty exhausting.

Dog Park!

Back to the dog park! Do you think these are happy poodles?

Black poodle down!

The Launch

High tail!

A little swimming

I cut off poor Paisley's head, but I loved Darwin's teeth.

Let's Tug!

The poodles love to play tug. They play tug all the time. They have killed more toys, eventually ripping them to shreds. They have a lot of fun doing it though.