Sunday, July 28, 2013

What the Hail??

We have had the worst storms this summer. In 11 days we had 3 major hail storms. The damage from them has been awful. Houses & cars damaged, animals killed in the fields, and so on. Our house & car have both been damaged, the house much worse than we thought. The insurance inspectors are recommending that we replace the shingles on the house, reside the garage, get a new garage door, and replace the facia & eavestroughs. Holy cow. I had no idea the damage was this bad. Our house doesn't even look like it sustained much damage, particularly in comparison to houses in Sunridge, Paradise, & Six Mile.

One thing that has been suffering as a result of the storms is my garden. The hail has just shredded everything. I don't know if we'll get much from it this year.

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