Saturday, July 27, 2013


Amanda was asked to help train a psychiatric service dog in training - a black standard pup. He had been raised on a farm and needed more exposure to things, so she asked if we would look after him. Initially he was supposed to be here for only a fe weeks, but that has turned into months. We love him! He is the sweetest little fellow. Just a slip of a thing, with a short nose. He has the nicest personality. He is calm & generally quiet, and so playful. He loves to play, with dogs or people.

The best thing is, Paisley loves him. They play all the time. They hate being separated, and run to get to each other if they are. He fit into our family like he was meant to be here. It's been amazing to me, I had no idea that another dog could do that.

Sadly, we know he has to leave at some point, probably in the next few weeks. He has to move on to his real job, helping someone. He will be so good at it. It's just his nature. We will hate to lose him because we love him so much and it's been so wonderful to have him here, but it has to happen. In the meantime we cherish every moment we have with him.

This is Darwin before he had a nice poodly hairdo. He is much more handsome with a proper hairstyle!

You'll see a lot of Paisley & Darwin in the upcoming posts.

Paisley is not graceful!

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