Saturday, February 25, 2012

Silhouettes, or not!

Wendy takes the most incredible pictures. She does lovely silhouettes too, and was looking for some different dog shapes to try. Naturally I volunteered Paisley. We went out this afternoon, but the light wasn't quite right. Paisley had a lovely time nonetheless, playing with toys and getting undivided attention from 2 people. We had to cut it short though because her newly groomed feet were affected by the cold & long grasses, and started to bleed. We got some good photos before we realized we needed to get her home. Fortunately her feet seem much better already (not so red), and she isn't bothering them at all.


Wendy commented on the "magical levitating toy"!

So cute!

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Nice Walk

Pups and I went for a walk this morning with the camera. It was foggy overnight so there was a bit of frost hanging around. Here are the pictures we took.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I hate editing photos. Probably because I'm not good at it. I need to learn more about the software for one (I'm using Photoshop Elements 9) to get the most from it. Right now whatever I try doesn't work the way I want, so I end up doing only the basics and using the more advanced features. I think I could probably improve my pictures if I knew how to edit better.

Here are some edited pictures of this Saturday's dog park fun.

And this is why you check your settings before starting to take pictures!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Capturing Light

We have had the most beautiful weather this week. It's been warm & sunny, with very little wind. It feels more like April than February. I know it can't last, but I'm determined to take advantage of it while I can.

John & the gang are in Fernie this weekend skiing. I opted to stay home with the little dog rather than kennel her, so we've been doing a lot of walking. We went out yesterday around 4pm, and it was so gorgeous we took our time and wandered around for more than an hour and a half. It was that time of night when the light is starting to fade, and everything has a golden glow. I took my camera to try to capture it.  I am still working out the kinks of the new lens, but when things go well it really does take a great close up.

Here are some shots from that walk.