Saturday, February 25, 2012

Silhouettes, or not!

Wendy takes the most incredible pictures. She does lovely silhouettes too, and was looking for some different dog shapes to try. Naturally I volunteered Paisley. We went out this afternoon, but the light wasn't quite right. Paisley had a lovely time nonetheless, playing with toys and getting undivided attention from 2 people. We had to cut it short though because her newly groomed feet were affected by the cold & long grasses, and started to bleed. We got some good photos before we realized we needed to get her home. Fortunately her feet seem much better already (not so red), and she isn't bothering them at all.


Wendy commented on the "magical levitating toy"!

So cute!


  1. I'm glad her feet are doing better and aren't bugging her!

  2. Marlene7:02 p.m.

    Paisley does justice to both yours and Wendy's pics. "Miss Legs" is a beautiful gal and is having such a great time!