Sunday, September 08, 2013

Tour of Alberta! Getting Ready



Joking around 



And they are off!

Tour of Alberta!

This week is the inaugural Tour of Alberta. We had to go see at least one stage. We chose Stage 4, in Black Diamond. They rode out of town, around the lower foothills, and back into town. It was a route change as a result of the flooding. It was supposed to be more mountainous, but with the road damage it wasn't possible. Black Diamond did a great job of hosting at the last minute though.

We decided we'd watch the start of the stage, then drive out to see them on the road. We saw them first on a hilly section, then on a flatter section. We drove back into town to watch the end of the stage. It was so fun to see a race in action! One thing I really wanted to know was what it sounds like when the peloton goes past. It was a cool as I hoped.

I took almost 900 pictures. I will try not to post all of them, but it will take several posts to get all of the ones I like up.

These are from before the race, and during the rider sign in.

 The 5 Hour Energy/Kenda team was behind us as we drove into town.

 So many beautiful bikes.

 Someone has to get them on the team vehicles.

 Jelly Belly!

 No comment needed

 Belkin team meeting


So exciting! 

Thought this was kind of cool

Someone hit the ground - check out his right leg 

 I think this is Geoffrey Dussault

Best kit in the peloton - Fast Freddie Rodriguez from Jelly Belly -  and American Road Champion

 Rohan Dennis from Australia, riding for Garmin & current Tour leader

Peter Sagan striking a pose... 

 and chatting up the ladies!
VDV!! Christian vande Velde from Garmin 

The Garmin team is full of jokesters 

Cadel Evans!