Thursday, October 23, 2008

Grass Fire

We went to Calgary last weekend to have dinner at a fabulous restaurant, and to see Feist in concert. We went with Carly & Jay, and stayed overnight. It was great. The restaurant was definitely one of the best we've been to since moving to AB. It's called the River Cafe, and it's on Prince's Island. The setting is as beautiful as the food served. Check it out here:

The concert was fun. Feist has a great voice. Interestingly, the other 3 did not enjoy it as much as I did. I agree that the venue was completely wrong, but I enjoyed the stage show. John, Carly & Jay didn't enjoy it as much. I think it appealed to my crafty side.

Before we left we took Molly for a walk in the coulees. She stayed with a very nice couple, whose biggest concern was that she slept so much!

There was a grass fire a couple of weeks ago. You can see the big black area across the river. The grass fires here are a real concern, as they start and spread so quickly. The fire previous to this one almost destroyed a condo development. The fire dept had to run their hoses through people's condos in order to fight the fire. It was quite a spectacle. It has also been fairly windy lately, which is why Molly's hair is blowing.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Perfect Thanksgiving, almost

The Sunday of the Thanksgiving weekend was a perfect day. Not too cold, completely clear. Molly and I went for a walk while John was cooking, and took these pictures in the park across the street. I love the one of our shadows.

Our friends Sarah & Nicholas also cooked Thanksgiving dinner, and they brought theirs to our house, and we shared. It was a great way to have dinner! Sarah & John both made fabulous dishes, and we ate way too much, but enjoyed it all.

Unfortunately, prior to dessert, I came down with a terrible stomach flu, which rather put a damper on the evening. I still don't feel well, and I missed out on all the leftovers!

House Painting

Our front deck, rails & banisters really needed to be restained. John's Dad offered to do it while they were here in the summer, but I just didn't feel right about that. So we hired a painter, and it looks great now. The before is the awful orange, and the after is the darker shade. I still have to finish up a little painting with the leftover paint, but it still looks way better than it did.

Molly & Hershey, pt.2

More pictures of the pups!

Random Molly & Hershey pics, pt 1

We have a lot of pictures of Molly & Hershey, so you may want to skip these posts if you get tired of them. We're happy to say, though, that Hershey was adopted and has moved Medicine Hat to live on a ranch. We're hoping he's happy, because he's a good little dog who deserves to be.

He had lots of personality. And for some reason, he loved this little table!