Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gorgeous Morning

We had another beautiful sunrise this morning. Paisley & I went out with the camera for the first time in a long time. It's hard to take pictures with the little one attached to my arm. I really wanted to get some good shots of her in the morning light, but between being a restless puppy and the windy wind, I didn't get many good shots. We'll keep trying. It sure was fantastic though. Also funny was the herd of deer that were heading into the coulees as we were. They were running & jumping and just generally being silly. It was cute to watch them let loose.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Paisley's First Race!

Lisa & Zack do the Bare Bones Run every year. This year Paisley & I joined them, as well as Carla & Monty on the course. We chose to walk the 9k route. Paisley is still too young to run, so walking was our only option. Maybe next year we can try a run.

Paisley had some issues settling when we first arrived, just given the number of people & dogs there. She did pretty well for a 7 month old pup though. Once we got walking she settled right down, and had a great time with Zack & Monty.

We weren't very fast, but we did have fun. What I really like about this race is that they list the results by canine! So here is Paisley's very first race result:

9K Canine Results

Sunday, October 16, 2011

All Done

That's it, it's official. I now have a Master's degree. Took me long enough, but it's done. I convocated yesterday. Despite trying desperately to avoid attending one of my own convocations I was convinced to attend this one. My friends all sat on the stage in their various regalia, looking - not surprisingly - quite regal. We even managed a couple of good groups shots after the ceremony.

It was a lot of fun to have my friends there. Everyone came to hug me as I crossed the stage. Someone asked me after why I got the "VIP treatment"! Because I have such great friends, that's why. We all went out for brunch, and had a great time.

Family Photos

Pauline wanted to get some pictures of us before they left. Paisley wasn't so interested in that. Here is what we got:

More Beautiful Sunrises

We have been having the most amazing sunrises these days. Every day is gorgeous, and so different from the day before. I could take pictures of the sunrises every day.

Getting to Know U 2011

John & Jennifer organize a fun run at the University. This is the second year, and they hope it'll continue to be an annual event. There were 60 participants this year. Hopefully each year it will grow. As John's parents were here we made them volunteer.