Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, that's the blog caught up for a little while. I'll try to keep up with it as school nears. I don't have classes this semester, but I will be TAing. I'll have to do a lot of work on the thesis as well. I should be doing that now, but haven't had the motivation. That was one thing I worried about when going back to school, that I would have trouble making myself work. Hopefully once I get back to it this week I can get into a rhythm. I guess I don't have much choice!

John's brother Peter is coming to visit in August, which we're really excited about. Aside from his parents, none of John's family has been out. The Sheriffs are coming out a week or so later for a month, so that'll be great. Lots of visits, which is fun!


I've added pictures of what the little guy's paw looked like when he was surrendered. The whole leg was twisted causing the fractures. Sadly, I can only assume that a person did this to the little guy. I can't tell you what it makes me want to do the person who did this.

Here's Doc. He's our latest foster pup. He's about 12 weeks old, and very cute. He has a terrible injury to his leg, although no one knows what happens. The vet isn't sure yet that it can be saved, but she's trying her best. His little paw was completely flipped over, so the pads were facing up. There are several fractures, plus a bad cut. The splint was changed today, so the poor pup isn't feeling great right now.

The little guy doesn't let it stop him though. He goes up & down stairs, and would happily go for walks. He's too little for walking on the street though, so I carry him while Molly walks. At least he gets to look around and sniff the air. He can't really play, so he and Molly are just hanging out right now. He doesn't pester her too much. The problem is, he can't get out of the way of her snaps as quickly because of his leg, so she sometimes makes contact when she does lose patience. Both of them get upset when that happens. He's a good little dog, so we hope he finds a great family soon.

If you look closely at his back paws you can see he has extra toes on both feet. Funny!

Brewery Gardens

We also took the time to stop by Brewery Gardens. I didn't realize we couldn't get to the gardens. You have to view it from a distance. It's also a good spot for pictures of the bridge, although I'd have to get closer by using some of the pathways. I'll try that when John's parents are here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nikka Yuko Gardens

Mom also wanted to go to the Nikka Yuko Gardens here in Lethbridge, and since I hadn't been, I was happy to go. I was quite surprised at how beautiful it is. What a fantastic job they do there! I would recommend that everyone go. There is a moonlight walk through the gardens at least once a year, and John & I are definitely going to go to that. It should be even more beautiful when lit up at night.