Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, that's the blog caught up for a little while. I'll try to keep up with it as school nears. I don't have classes this semester, but I will be TAing. I'll have to do a lot of work on the thesis as well. I should be doing that now, but haven't had the motivation. That was one thing I worried about when going back to school, that I would have trouble making myself work. Hopefully once I get back to it this week I can get into a rhythm. I guess I don't have much choice!

John's brother Peter is coming to visit in August, which we're really excited about. Aside from his parents, none of John's family has been out. The Sheriffs are coming out a week or so later for a month, so that'll be great. Lots of visits, which is fun!

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  1. great to hear from you even better to know that you're still doing your masters - i sent you a message. give me a call - i leave for Rio on Aug. 06. about a week away. take care.