Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Doc update

We took Doc to the vet yesterday, so that we and Natalie could see the leg. We had to decide whether to keep splinting it, or to amputate it. Having seen the leg, everyone agreed that the only choice was to amputate. The damage is just too severe, and the leg will never heal properly. That and the constant pain he's in means that amputation will actually be better for him. At least this way he can live pain-free, and dogs seem to adjust quickly and well to the loss of a leg. The leg he has now isn't going to do him any good. It's hard to describe just how bad it is. I almost passed out in the vet clinic, partly from rage and partly from sadness.

I'm having a hard time letting him go even though I know it's the best decision. Fortunately he is going to convalesce with a really nice guy, who has a dog named Elroy. There is also a really nice couple who may be interested in adopting him post-surgery. I met the woman at Dog Day in the Park last night, and will meet with her husband when Doc gets back. They have talked and thought a lot already about having a dog with 3 legs, and seem ready for whatever challenges it might bring. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

With any luck the little guy will feel a lot better, and will go to a wonderful permanent family. He deserves all of that.

Here are a few more pictures of Doc pre-surgery, and one of Molly.


  1. sorry to hear about the dog - im so glad to have run into you the other day. \Im in Rio now and it's so very overwhelming. not really sure how to feel. might start training tonight - my first day here - as it's the only way i can see to combat the lonliness and uncertantiy.

  2. hey i singed up for skype and got a free call to anywhere and called my parents - we talked but what was shocking was that i found out that one of our dogs died. While my parents were up in Calgary (they drove me up and dropped me off) they said they got back and she was lying by the road - she must have got bumped. so sad and I'm so far away from little suzy. They buried her..and my little nephew was really shaken up by it.