Sunday, August 09, 2009

Doc Update 2

Doc had his amputation surgery on Friday. Initially the vet (orthopedic specialist) thought he might be able to pin the leg, but when he saw him in person, he realised there was just no saving it. It had nothing left to pin, sadly. I still find it hard to believe that amputation is day surgery for a dog!

Doc was quite upset when Chris picked him up, but is feeling better every day. Chris sent all
these pictures, plus some videos. I wanted to load the videos, but can't for some reason. One is of the little guy playing on a picnic table. You can see in that one how useless his leg is. The second one is of him running after the surgery. He looks quite happy! I guess his biggest problem is balancing while pooing! Hopefully once the pain of the surgery subsides he'll be a lot happier.

Chris sent some pictures of his leg before the surgery, after the splint fell off. The paw turned over again immediately. Little Doc still managed to get around though, tough guy that he is.

Post-surgery, Chris sent one of the little guy. He has 30 stitches in the incision. The vet uses lasers as much as possible during the surgery though, which apparently makes the recovery faster and less painful.

Thanks again to everyone who donated to help cover his vet bills. They are quite high, but I think I managed to raise just about $730 because of all of you, which will really help. Thanks again!

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  1. strong little guy - he looks great. take care and keep in touch ...Andre