Monday, August 24, 2009


Poor Molly had a odd episode yesterday. She was out for a walk, and when she stopped to sniff a bush, she fell over, and couldn't get up at all. She flopped around, trying to get her legs under her. Sadly, she was on a rose bush at the time! I was terrified that she was having a stroke or something, so I scooped her up and carried her home. By the time we got back she seemed relatively normal. We kept an eye on her, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary for the rest of the day.

We took her to the vet today to see what she had to say. Fortunately, she thinks it was a petit mal seizure, not something serious like a stroke. She did say that Molly will eventually start having grand mal seizures, however. We've decided not to medicate her for this, since they might be infrequent, and with Molly's intestinal issues we prefer that she not take any medication unless absolutely necessary.

Hopefully it won't become a serious issue for her. In the meantime we have to keep a log of all her seizures. Given the frequency with which she has tremors, we could be writing something down every 30 seconds. That and since she's never upstairs, she could have seizures we don't know about. Poor old doggy, just another issue for her to deal with. The good thing is, she is still the same funny poodle we all love.

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  1. i hate when dogs get old - so sad. all the best for your dog. I just wish her name was not take care. Andre!