Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What We've Been Up To

Let's see, Maurice has also been working like a dog around here. He's put up 2 new lights in the garage, a solar motion detector light, and a solar light over our house number. He's cut the grass, vacuumed the car, restained both decks with sticky stuff so they are less slippery. He's repaired a broken vase, cleaned the fireplace glass, and so on... He really is Mr. Fix It Chappie! We have more trouble getting him to relax!

We've been to Calgary. Maurice & John visited the Military Museum while Pauline & I shopped. Then we went to Cochrane to visit the gluten free bakery there (YUMMY waffles!!), and have lunch. In the afternoon we all went to the Aerospace Museum. We got home just a little after Molly arrived back from daycare. It was a fun day.

Pauline & Maurice have made at least one foray into town on the bus. I think they just looked around, they didn't do anything specific. Some days they spend at home reading, or in Maurice's case, working! On occasion we let him do a crossword.

Today I made Pauline come to Dog Day in the Park. She wrangled a small dog named Andy, and did a great job! Andy is a little cutie, with ears that bounce up in a funny way. He fell in love with an unspayed female, and she kept telling him off. He cried when she left! Hopefully he'll be adopted soon. I looked after (can't say wrangled about this guy!) a little fellow named Timmy. He's a poodle cross, and is so scared and nervous. He needs a home that will give him lots of love and security. Poor little guy. He's very cute though. I had hoped that Hickory would make an appearance, because I'd love to see my little buddy again, but he didn't. Maybe next time!

There were several applications put in, so hopefully some of the dogs will be heading to their forever homes soon. And hopefully Pauline didn't mind being a dog wrangler for a day!

On Thursday we're going to Wateron. I think we'll hike around Cameron Lake, wander through the townsite, then go to the Prince of Wales for High Tea. It's also Maurice's birthday, but he'll have to wait until Friday for his cake and presents.

I guess that's about it for now.  More to follow after Waterton!

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