Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Going To The Sun

When the Sheriffs were here we drove the Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park, Montana. The road is cut into the side of the mountain, and has the most incredible views. The views are truly spectacular. Hopefully John & I will be able to cycle the road, maybe next year. It's 55 miles from St. Mary to West Glacier, and you truly do climb the mountain. I'll have to do lots of climbing to get ready for that! We'd ride from Lethbridge to St. Mary, and stay overnight. Then we'd get up the next day and ride across the mountain to West Glacier, and stay overnight there. We'd have to get up really early the next day to go back to St. Mary, because bicycles aren't allowed on the road between 11 & 4. Then we'd stay overnight in St. Mary again, and ride home.

In addition to the big horn sheep and mountain goats (my favourite!), we also saw 2 golden eagles, and a black bear. We couldn't get pictures of those though. Too bad.

If anyone is thinking of coming out this way, I would recommend taking this trip. They have buses that go across as well, if you prefer not to drive. Those are the old-fashioned red vehicles in one of the pictures.

The pictures aren't in perfect order unfortunately, but you'll still get the idea. That's Chief Moutain below.