Saturday, September 29, 2007


I guess things are healing. It's a painful process though. The skin is very tight, so every movement stretches it. The bruises are beginning to fade in places as well, though unfortunately not the butt! I went to gym and walked on the track today, but I only made it 400 meters. Ugh.

The Buchanan Library staff sent me some lovely flowers.

I found more of the clothing I was wearing when I fell. Those are my capris on the left.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Doggy Daycare

Given the difficulties we're having at the moment, Molly has been going to Paws on the Run Daycare this week. She still isn't playing much, but is apparently is milling about happily with the pack. She follows the dogs around wagging at them. Sometimes she sits down and watches the staff. The best thing is, the first time we took her in she screamed & shook so hard her tags were jingling, but now she happily walks right in and doesn't worry about what John is doing.

There are 2 yorkies at the daycare who are a little nervous about the big dogs. They put Molly in with them to convince them it was OK. She just sat there with them. I guess they liked Molly, and felt more comfortable.

RR, Day 5

Since all I've been posting is pictures of my injuries, I thought I would put one up of me so you can see I'm actually in one piece. I've also attached one of the hematoma on my left leg, so you can see the bruising that's starting to show. Strangely, the bruises itch.

Thanks for all the emails.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Road Rash, Day 3

I had to go to the doctor again today. I just couldn't manage the pain. I have some drugs now, so hopefully that will help. I can't put much (any) pressure on my left leg at all, so I am using a cane to get around. By get around I mean to the washroom, because that's about as far as I can go. I have to try having a Jacuzzi bath tonight, because I need to debride the wounds. I am not looking forward to that, as it's bound to be excruciating. If you hear someone screaming, it's just me.

The doctor felt that my wounds were some of the worst he's seen, and he's a long time cyclist. He also works as a doctor at triathlons. He was very impressed by the damage I caused myself. He also felt that riding a recumbent may have saved my life. Had I been on a road bike I might not have survived. Thank God I ride a 'bent.

That's about it for now. Here are some more pictures of the progress of the injuries. Apparently as they heal they will become tremendously itchy. Something for me to look forward to!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Road Rash

had my first serious cycling accident today. I was on my way to work, going about 65km/hr down Whoop Up when my front tire exploded. I lost control in about a second, and slid about 100ft down the hill. I spent about 4 hours in Emergency. Fortunately I didn't break anything, I just lost skin. Having the abrasions scrubbed wasn't much fun though, and I have to admit I cried. I hadn't until then.
Some really great people stopped to help me after I fell. Thank you to them.

Here are some pics of the damage. I'll add more as things change. The bruising should be worse tomorrow. I feel like hell right now though. I can barely move, and it feels like all the nerve endings in my body are on fire. It'll only be worse tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I was just saying to John the other day that I needed something interesting to happen so I could update the blog. Lo and behold, it snowed today. It's only Sept 19! It started this morning about 7am, and continued for most of the day. It didn't last of course, but for a while there some areas were looking quite white. I took the pictures when I got home from work about 2pm today.

It's supposed to be 21 degrees on Friday though, so hopefully this is just a fluke, and we'll get more warm weather before winter really hits.