Saturday, September 22, 2007

Road Rash

had my first serious cycling accident today. I was on my way to work, going about 65km/hr down Whoop Up when my front tire exploded. I lost control in about a second, and slid about 100ft down the hill. I spent about 4 hours in Emergency. Fortunately I didn't break anything, I just lost skin. Having the abrasions scrubbed wasn't much fun though, and I have to admit I cried. I hadn't until then.
Some really great people stopped to help me after I fell. Thank you to them.

Here are some pics of the damage. I'll add more as things change. The bruising should be worse tomorrow. I feel like hell right now though. I can barely move, and it feels like all the nerve endings in my body are on fire. It'll only be worse tomorrow.

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