Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Peter's Visit, day 2

On Tuesday we decided not to ride, for 2 reasons. One, Peter was feeling that a day off the bike would be a good idea, and the wind was supposed to be quite high. So instead we drove to Waterton so Peter could see the park. It was beautiful day, but we were glad we chose not to ride. The wind was gusting to 60k, and heading uphill a lot of the time into the wind, none of us would have enjoyed that.

We went to Red Rock Canyon first, then to Cameron Lake. From there we had lunch in the town site. On the way out we stopped at the Prince of Wales Hotel to take some pictures of the view. We also went inside the hotel, and discovered that they serve high tea! I think we'll see if John's parents want to go to that. We might all enjoy that, I think.

I tried to take a few different pictures than when I was there with Mom, but I'm sure many of them seem familiar. Sorry about the repeats!

The most exciting thing that happened is that we saw a bear! We saw lots of deer, as always, but it was the first time we've seen a bear in Waterton. Peter & I both tried to take pictures, but she was too fast. She got across the road and into the trees too quickly. It was cool to see though!

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