Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Toronto '09

On June 26th I left for 2 weeks in Toronto. It was tiring, but great to see everyone. I think I saw almost everyone I had hoped to. Mom & I even went to Wallaceburg to visit the Maltbys and Marg Zavitz. The Paynes were also home. From there we went to Corunna to spend the night at the Sheriffs'. Morgan & Mason came down too, which was great. We met the newest member of the Scott family, Maggie, who is extremely cute and very bouncy! Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of her.  Next time. The Thornleys also got a new dog, an Australian Shepherd, but we didn't get to meet her. We'll look forward to that.

On the 27th Fanny's family had a huge 90th birthday party for Mrs. Chimbo. It was a great night, with well over 100 people attending. The younger grandchildren did 2 traditional Ecuadorean dances, which was really fun. All in all, it was a great party for her.

Fortunately my friend Kathleen had her baby a couple of days early so I could meet her. I'll post pictures of her in a separate post. 

Mom then came here for two weeks and leaves tomorrow. It'll be sad to see her go. At least we got the spend a month together this summer. We did a few fun things, and I have lots of pictures to post.

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