Sunday, June 14, 2009

Walk on the Wild Side

Molly has been wanting to go to the coulees for days, so on Saturday morning we went to the end of the street for a walk. Molly was so excited! She was jumping and running as we started out, and sniffing everything. We walked about 1/3 of the way out, and I stopped to take a picture of 2 magpies on fence posts. As I was looking at them I could see something else moving. I assumed it was a deer, but as I watched I realised it was a coyote. And if there is one coyote, there are many coyotes. The one I spotted was the look-out for the pack, and we did see several more. They seemed to be in hunting mode. Although Molly was not the prey, we decided it might be better to leave that side of the coulee and move to the other side, where they are developing another part of Riverstone (much to our dismay). It was kind of cool to see them in action though.

I took some pictures of the little flowers we saw along the way, as well as the view, which sadly never  shows up well in photos. I also took one of the look-out coyote, although you have to enlarge the picture and REALLY look for him! He's between 2 fence posts, but not the pic with the magpies in it. Molly also was really tired out by the end of the walk, and was panting and moving quite slowly. She enjoyed herself though.

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