Sunday, August 07, 2011


When Molly came into our lives digital cameras were rare and very expensive. The few pictures we have of Molly's puppyhood are only those we printed out from film, and the camera I had then was near the end of its life. It's sad to think how few pictures we have of Molly when she was a baby.

Now that we have Paisley, and digital cameras are readily and inexpensively available, you would think we'd have no end of pictures of her. While we certainly have more than we do of Molly, I often don't get around to taking pictures of Paisley because we're playing, it's too awkward to manage her and a camera, or whatever reason. So I've decided that even if we're just goofing around in the backyard I should be sure to get pictures of her regularly so that we have a record of her growth. Puppies develop so quickly it's easy to miss some cute stage.

The funny thing about Paisley is, even though she is a goofy, happy, silly puppy, when I get the camera out she gets all serious, and gives me this funny sideways look. She looks adorable, but it doesn't always capture her true, fun nature.

I also worried a lot about her eyes, because they seem very pink all the time. I asked the vet and apparently it's nothing major. The 3rd eyelid is usually rimmed in black, but Paisley's are all pink with no black at all. It makes the pink stand out a lot, so she looks like she has pink eye. The vet says it's nothing to worry about it. Just makes her even more unique!

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