Sunday, July 11, 2010


Although we had decided not to do any long term fostering because Molly was too stressed by having other dogs in the house, I thought a couple of nights would be OK. PDCR had another Adoption Fair in June. We brought in a few new dogs just for day. One was a female who had just had puppies. I brought 2 pups home with me, just for a couple of nights. They were only 7 weeks old, and too young to be adopted. As they were so young we had to keep them apart from Molly, so she only saw them from a distance. But because we didn't want to foster long term, they went to a nice foster home who will hold onto them until they are old enough to find permanent homes.

They were such nice puppies. The little female is Lexi, and the male is Trey. They had such great personalities. They were funny, and loved to curl up together to sleep. I liked to hold them, as they were very cuddly. They also liked to play. Not surprisingly, the Lexi was more aggressive than Trey, and regularly beat him up! I think they will be very good dogs, because they were such good pups. Look how cute!

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