Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Failure!

I tried again to complete a century today, but failed again. This time I rode 93 miles, then got another flat. I started to try to repair it, but I couldn't get the little screw on the valve off. Now, in my defence, neither could John when he came to pick me up. I couldn't believe I got so close, but wasn't able to finish it. Now I have to try AGAIN! What a nightmare. I'm running out of time to get it done.

FYI, it took me 5 hrs 57 minutes to ride 93 miles.

As usual I took a bunch of pictures along the way, so I might as well post them.

Chief Mountain in the distance.
Many cows
Pivot irrigator

Pivot irrigator in action. They are fully computerized.

My first town outside Lethbridge. It was a horrible ride to get there.

My second town, and first pit stop.
Some boys I chatted with. They were really interested in my bike.
Next town, Stirling
Stirling doesn't seem to have a city sign, but it does have some neat historical buildings, so I took a picture of those instead.

Prairie scenery

Half way!
Coaldale, next stop

The bridge that goes across the coulee. Wind gusts, really?!

I liked the clouds
Self portrait of a tired rider
I was heading to Iron Springs, but I liked the sign for Turin
Getting closer to Lethbridge
3/4 of the way
Next pit stop, Picture Butte

Time stopped due to flat. Hence, another incomplete century
The flat
One tired, dejected rider

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