Monday, September 03, 2012

Iron Legs, etc

The weekend of August 17 we went to Calgary for John to run a race in Bragg Creek. It was a 50 mile race. He ran about 2/3 of it, and another runner from their group ran about 1/3. They did really well, coming in as the second team. Now, they came in 4 hours after the first team, but still, they came second! And the first team consisted of basically professional runners ; )

I had planned to take a ton of pictures, but that didn't happen. I thought I'd have tons of time to kill with the dog, but we had to do a lot of driving (runner support), and hanging out at the finish line. Wow, some of those runners looked like hell at the end. I wonder how John & Jennifer will look after running 100k this coming weekend.

Both John & I are back at work now. It's sad to see the summer end, we've had such a great time. I hope the weather stays nice for a while yet though. We've had such gorgeous evenings, and I'm enjoying riding to & from work.

Paisley is adjusting to the change in her schedule. She doesn't like being left alone much, but she manages. We are letting her do a little more. She has played with Fundy a few times, and we'll walk with Zack this week. She'll love that. She sees him in the doorway and cries and cries. Soon we'll try the off leash park. If that goes well, then we'll try daycare in a few weeks. We're really hoping she is 100%, and can get back to running & playing like she did before the injury.

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