Saturday, September 08, 2012

Lost Soul 2012

John & Jennifer signed up for the Lost Soul again this year, but doing 100k instead of 50k. They had a great race! John had a few stomach issues again and stopped eating. I was really worried about him at one aid station. He was white as a sheet, and shaking uncontrollably. We forced him to eat some at that station, and he started to feel much better. The next time we saw him he was completely back to normal. His colour was normal, he was happy, and energetic. I was really happy to see that, as I was a bit concerned that he might not finish.

They came in at 17hours, 39minutes. That was way ahead of their projected time, so they are very, very happy. They also feel pretty good, considering they ran for 100k. John has some nasty blisters and general soreness, but no major issues or injuries. Jennifer has some sore IT bands, and a hole in one foot. John will certainly lose some toenails.

All in all though, a great job! They trained hard, and had a great race as a result. Congratulations!

Here they are with their new rocks. This is the last year for rock prizes, so it's a good thing they finished ; )

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  1. That is such a brilliant accomplishment