Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Dinner 2009

Before the turkey went in the oven it had to come out of the brine, get rinsed, and the butter stuffed under the skin.

As for dinner, Jennifer & Courtney, Sarah, Nicholas, & Soren, Shawn, Wim & Mia, and Hester, Dagmar, & Hester's Mom all came. Everyone brought a dish, making it a potluck. We provided the turkey, gravy, & carrots. It was brined turkey with herbed butter & pinot noir gravy. Very yummy. Jennifer & Courtney brought cheesy scalloped potatoes, Sarah & Nicholas brought a pumpkin mousse pie (which Sarah made GF so I could eat it!). Shawn & Win brought brussel sprouts and parsnip & squash. Hester brought traditional dutch apple pie. Dagmar made figs stewed in wine, and they also brought a salad. So delicious! Shawn & Mia also did some baking which they brought for dessert. All in all, a great night. 

We had to rent a table and chairs in order to seat everyone. I also got little favours to put at each person's spot. Naturally we had Christmas crackers too, although they had to be opened while I walked the dog.

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