Monday, August 04, 2014

Cottage! part 13

These are the cottage owner's horses. She has 6. One of them scared me. I took Paisley for a walk and he was lying flat over in the field, far away from the others. I thought maybe he had hurt himself or had been attacked by an animal. Turns out he really just loves lying flat out! He was like that regularly. The horses seemed quite social, but I know nothing about them so I kept my distance. 

Nests! We have never seen so many nests. This one belongs to ospreys I believe. There were also tons of eagle nests along the highway from Nakusp to the cottage. They were enormous, probably 2-3 times the size of this one. You could see the eagles hanging out in them, sitting on the poles, or sometimes flying into a nest. They were very cool. We were able to walk to this one from the cottage. We didn't see any birds while we were taking pictures, but as we walked away they started circling overhead. 

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