Monday, August 04, 2014

Cottage! part 12

A Night in Nakusp

We went to Nakusp on the Friday evening. There was a parkour demo going on, and I wanted to get pictures of it. However, we took the lakeside walk, and never got to the demo. I was too busy taking pictures of flowers, then Paisley met a boyfriend! A lovely poodle named Fletcher lives along the walk. They had a nice play and we chatted with Fletch's person. It was a great evening.

The gardens are so gorgeous. I don't know who takes care of them but they do a great job. 

View from the lakeside walk.  

These ducklings were getting lessons on how to be ducks. There was some water running that took place later. Adorable!

Paisley & Fletch! Fletcher was a very nice poodle. Nice temperament, loves people & dogs. A real cutie. It was fun to meet him. I think he was the only other poodle we saw when we were in BC. 

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