Sunday, August 03, 2014

Cottage! part 1

This summer John & I rented a cottage in BC. We went for 10 days and took Paisley with us. It was about 45 minutes away from Nakusp, close to a place called Fauquier. The property was lovely. Our cottage was at the top of 100 acres, up in the trees. We walked down through the trees to the beach. There was another rental cottage on the property, plus the owner's home, but we didn't see much of the other people. The beach area was great, the water was nice, and there were eagles & ospreys around all the time. It was so nice to be away from everything - no internet. no phone or cells, no radio, nothing.

We walked a lot, went on a hike, and went to as many farmer's markets as possible. There was one in Nakusp, one in a place called Burton, and one in Nelson. The one in Burton was our favourite in terms of its "vibe". Burton is a tiny little hamlet, but there was lots of variety, some live music, food being cooked, and everyone was so friendly. We really enjoyed it. Nelson was also fun, though the trip there was long! I wish I had been able to eat the baked goods at this market. They looked incredible. I did get several delicious quinoa cupcakes though.

The best part is, Paisley learned to swim while we were there. She has always liked the water but was nervous when she couldn't touch the bottom. Here she did a lot of swimming. John & I are proud parents.

Here are some of many pictures taken on this trip.

She loved running in the sand.

I have a picture of her running like this as a pup. Very similar style. 


The view from the beach. There were a bunch of logs in the lake, and one of the ferries ran just down from us. It was fun to watch.


When she got the toy she would pop up like a periscope to come in to shore. 

She used her tail as a rudder, sometimes in the water, sometimes out of the water.

She did a lot of shaking, often not looking very graceful. 

The ferry.

 John threw the toy too far and Paisley was afraid to get it. It started floating away so John braved a swim to go rescue it. 

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