Thursday, March 22, 2012


My friend Kathleen surprised me today by sending flowers! They are beautiful. You should have seen the packaging then came in! They were delivered by FedEx, I think, and came in this huge box. The lid came off the box, then there was an insert to lift the flowers out. They were already in a glass vase, and the vase was packed in this special box. Once I got that box off, the flowers were packed in special stuff to keep them fresh without water. All in all, it was very impressive.

The flowers are gorgeous! I still have to trim them and make them look good in the vase, but Kathleen wanted some pictures to make sure they looked good! The one funny thing is that the one of the info cards said "memorial flowers" on it. I found that hilarious! I told Kathleen that it is in honour of my dear departed uterus.

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