Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back to the Dog Park

Fundy's stitches came out on Tuesday, so she is clear to go to the dog park again. John & Jennifer took them yesterday for the first time in weeks, and they ran and ran. Today went well until the end, at which point Paisley lost her mind, completely and utterly. She was attacking Fundy, John, me. I think only Jennifer was spared. John finally was able to get her to sit. She was out of control. I don't know she does that, whether it's overstimulation, being overtired, or what. It's frustrating for all involved though.

Fortunately Fundy doesn't seem to hold a grudge, so I'm sure she'll go out with her again.

Both dogs got some crazy ear action going today.

In this one she was sticking her tongue out at John. He was trying to make her sit when she was going mental.

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