Monday, August 02, 2010


The Prairie Pitbull Rescue (based in Medicine Hat) was having a Pittie Meet & Greet. They were rounding up all the pitties available for adoption. One was in Calgary, so John & I drove to Claresholm to meet her & her Calgary foster mom. We brought her home until Natalie could pick her up. We've never had a pitbull before, and was she ever sweet! And fast!! She ran faster than any dog we've ever had, that's for sure. So much energy!

She was also very cute inside in the house. She really wanted to get up on the couch, so she came over, put her paw up on it, then gave me a beseeching look. John said no. So she went to the chair, and tried the same thing there. John said no again. She tried the loveseat too, just in case. When she got a no there as well, she finally gave up and settled on the cushion.

The best thing is, she has already been adopted! We're really happy about that, because she is such a good girl. She deserves a good home. Here are some pictures of her having fun in the backyard.

Let's play!

I got the ball!

See how cute I am?

I can smile too!

Big sneeze!

She looks a bit sad in this picture, but hopefully she's happy in her new home now.

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