Sunday, August 22, 2010

Road Trip!!

The four of us decided a road trip was in order. We decided to head to Jasper, then drive back to Banff. On the way we stopped at Banff to pick up GyPSy, which is a GPS unit that gives commentary on the area you are driving through. It was really cool. You'd get some info on the area, and would also tell you good places to stop to see, and why. I'd recommend it to anyone travelling through the area, especially if you haven't been there before.

We left on Thursday morning, stopped briefly in Banff, then had lunch in Lake Louise. We stopped at Moraine Lake, then headed to Jasper. We stopped a few times on the way there, because the photo opportunities were too good to pass up. Sadly, I forgot to bring my new tripod, which I really wanted to have with me so I could try some different techniques. Stupid!! I think we still have a couple of days trips planned so I'd better remember to take it for those.

I took a LOT of pictures, as usual, so be prepared! These ones are all from Moraine Lake. Some may look like duplicates, but there is probably a slight difference between them. Maybe a zoom, or a different focal point.

This little guy was very friendly.

I always get one bad picture of Pauline. Here is this year's.

There is a bird in here!

Maurice is in charge of the coffee.


The one and only bear we saw the whole time!

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