Thursday, December 25, 2008

Remembering Haley, Missing Hartley part 1

Near the end of October we fostered 2 puppies, about 5 weeks old. They were cute as buttons. Unfortunately, we didn't know that they both also had parvo, and about 3 days into fostering them, I noticed that Hartley was unusually lethargic for a tiny puppy. He came down with it first, then Haley did a day or two later. Hartley was a little bigger, and was able to survive. Haley was so tiny, only about 1.5lbs, and simply couldn't fight it. She died quietly with Hartley curled up next to her. It was so sad.
So here are the pictures we took of them, to remember Haley. Fortunately, Hartley was tough enough to survive and become, funny enough, a hearty little pup. He has been adopted to a family who loves him very much. Another interesting note to the story is that his new family changed his name - to Hershey!! Apparently he gives tons of kisses, so they think Hershey's Kisses is a suitable name.

When we got the pups I had to given them a bath. Haley screamed like a banshee, so much so that John came running from downstairs thinking something awful had happened! Hartley just took it like a man. After the bath, they both slept for hours, all tucked up in towels.
Losing Haley was tragic, so we're really happy that Hartley/Hershey has a new home and new life to look forward to.

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